Saturday, October 23, 2010

Girls Are Stupid !!! (Part-5)

 Previous episodes:

“I wish you had fried chicken.” I said, facing that hostess and passed a taunting smile to Shivali, “... something of KFC sort.”
“No sir, even I wish that,” replied the lady, smiling “… but a chicken sandwich is all we have.” She broadened her plastic smile.
“No-no… Thanks a lot.” I said, winking at Shivali. At last, she sighed and her eyes brightened just like Jerry did after an unsuccessful chase by Tom, if you remember Tom and Jerry. But yeah, I don’t understand why these veggies hate us so much.
The plane landed. We were standing near the conveyer belt to get our bags.

“You know what, Gaurav?” she said.
“What?” I asked, curious as she had already came up with some strange things whenever she called me like that.
“You are a nice guy.” She said, smiling. I don’t know from which part of her brain this thought came up but why did she have to tell that. I could feel something wrong somewhere (daal-mein-kala). I know I’m a nice guy, I felt like shouting that.
“Oh thanks…,” I replied smiling back, “and you are a sweet girl.”
“Sweet or stupid?” she winked.
“Both.” I laughed.
“I knew… I knew… you have been thinking that.” She too laughed.
“What?” I asked with suspicion.
“Yeah…,” she laughed more, “Ok, tell me one thing.”
“What thing?” I asked, surprised at her enigmatic laugh.
“Do you know about Aranya?”
“Aranya? Who’s she?” I asked, more baffled.

“Oh come on… at least you should know about it quite well.” She said as if Aranya was some girl whom I’d ditched. I really didn’t know whom was she talking about. I had never ever known any girl called as Aranya. Yeah, I do know Ananya, the lead character of Chetan Bhagat’s 2-States.

“I really don’t know yaar.” I said, frustrated.
“Hmmm… Might be…” she said, “that might have been a small thing in your life.” Now I was beginning to get irritated.
“Hey please. Don’t test my patience. Come up now. What are you talking about?”
“Wait…” she said, laughing again.
“Why the hell should I wait.” I shouted, much more irritated now.
“Because my bag has arrived.” She said, picking up her bag from the conveyer belt. I gave an embarrassed look and stepped back.
“Oh… Anyway, now tell. Who is Aranya?” I hissed. She laughed again.

“Who nahi, what kaho. I’m talking about the tech fest, dumbo.” She said. I don’t understand why these girls love this word dumbo a lot but yeah, I was completely taken aback. This girl had really surprised me. Aranya was the name of the tech-fest which was organized by our college and I had always been a major part of it.

“What are you trying to say.” I asked, trying to hold my nerves.
“That you have a very poor memory.” She retorted.
“Means?” I asked. I wondered if I really sounded dumb.

“Means that I know you are from Thapar Institue and… I remember that you were SPOC for computer science events.” I had no words at all. “And you… you don’t even remember who ate your brain the most during over-night programming contest.” She said, still laughing. I was still stunned. I was in a misconception that I had been fooling her for a long time but truth was totally opposite. I was embarrassed to the core.
According to what she said, there was only one girl who was coming to me every now and then and she even won the contest but this girl, she never looked like her.
“You mean you were in the winning team?” I asked, just to confirm.
“Yes…” she replied proudly.

“But that girl… she was… I mean… you are… I mean… you can’t be that.” I didn’t know how to express that the girl she was talking about was sort of ugly and very irritating, especially her boy-cut hairstyle. I simply hate that but she, she was quite good looking. In simple words, she was HOT!

“Now, I’m not getting you.” She said. At last, I confused her too.
“I mean you looked quite different that time.” Somehow I managed to say. She laughed again.
“Yeah… Say directly that I look beautiful now.”
“Hmmm. You do.” I blushed.

While all this chat, I forget that I was standing there to get my bag and when I realized, it had passed me but luckily, it didn’t reach the end. I sprinted towards the bag, jostling through the crowd gathered there and got all kinds of gestures from those people. I was lucky that that Sardar uncle didn’t come my way. Finally, I got hold of my bag just before it reached the end. I came back and stood near Shivali again, putting my bags onto a trolley.

"By the way, if you already knew me then what was all that drama for?" I asked.
"Come on, you are not Shahrukh khan that someone will see you once and immediately recognize you." She quipped.
"Yeah..." I didn't know what to say.
"More over, I'm like that only." She winked.
"Oh te pata lag hi gaya." I said, rolling my eyes.

“Gaurav, I still don’t know why you lied.” She said.
“Soreeee. I was just enjoying it.” This time my sorry was longer than the one she said an hour ago.
“Oh… Don’t be… even I enjoyed your company.” We both laughed.
“Anyway, when are we meeting again.” I said when we just reached outside the airport building.
“Aha… Someone is flirting.”
“No... just asking. In the meanwhile, I’ll think of some new pranks.”
“Keep thinking and do come up with some real good pranks. I’ll catch you on communicator.”

“Communicator?” I asked, shocked again. Did she mean yahoo messenger by communicator. No. Not possible. She’s not that fool, I thought.
“Yes, communicator. Don’t worry… it’ll be the last shock. I’ve joined Finacle, Mysore and I do know what Finacle bags look like.” She laughed again and I shook my head once again as Finacle is my business unit and my bag had Finacle's logo on it.

“Sure.” I laughed, on myself this time. This was all I could have done.
“Anyway, bbye. I’ve to get a cab from there.” She said.
“Hmmm… bye.” I said, giving her the way.
“And yeah…” she said, turning back, “Stop thinking that girls are stupid. We are not.” She smiled. I smiled back and bid her adieu once again.

cant be sure of continuing.. ;)


Neeharika said...
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Neeharika said...
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Neeharika said...

hey nice one...
i was waiting for you to complete the whole story :)

authentic_blogger said...

Thanks Neeharika... Keep reading..

Sakashi said...

Wooho datz jus ozum dude.
So... u admit dat gals arent stupid. cooool!!

Anonymous said...

is it the end...?

very nice... but a little breeze from 2-states was coming though... but the 5th part conclusion is interesting... quite unseen!

authentic_blogger said...

@ Sakashi..

Thanks for ur OZUM comment...
And yeah, I know girls are not stupids but they do try to show themselves as.

authentic_blogger said...

Yes, Bipul. That is the end. Actully I wrote this story on INfy blogs and girls were after my life when they read the story. SO, I had to turn the bias toward them in the end.. :P