Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls Are Stupid !!! (Part-1)

Basically, I'm not someone who hates girls. I don't even say they are 
stupid or something but sometimes you meet someone who changes your perception. 
By the end of this story you might get some idea about them.

   It happened when I returned from home this time. My flight was to take off at 6 in the evening from New Delhi domestic airport. After having a good time with my friends, I reached airport at around 5. I must tell you that it was scorching hot out there and you feel it even more if you live in a cooler place like Bangalore. To make it worse, the air conditioner of my friend's car(which has been parked in sunlight) was not working. I somehow felt relieved when I entered the airport but still the relief wasn't for a good enough time as there was a long check-in queue. By the time I was finished, boarding had started. Again, in a hurry I boarded the plane. Mine was seat number 12F. All the frustration and the heat cooled down when I saw a girl sitting on 12E, the seat next to me. As in all the love stories, she was pretty. Just for confirmation, I checked the seat number once again. My luck has been very poor in such cases, so I had to confirm it. Yesss, I said to myself. She was going to be with me for the next 3 hours of the journey. 

   The plane took off and I started looking for the button to push my seat back. Then, I came to know that Go Air doesn't have push back seats or perhaps, it was not there in that particular plane. You get what you pay for, but it was a good enough chance to initiate the conversation, I thought.
“Excuse me,” I called her.
“Yeah?” she replied.
“Do you know where’s the push-back button? I’m not able to find it.” I said, with a restless look, moving my hand here and there on and around the seat.
“Oh. Even I was searching for the same,” she replied, with a formal smile, “...but couldn't. I don’t think it is there.”
“Hmmm. Even I think the same. Go air it is; we get what we pay for... can't help.!” I remarked.
“Yeah. True.” She smiled. I smiled back.
We stopped talking and I pulled out my laptop from the bag. I started a movie with my ear plugs. I just gave a short glance at her and caught her watching the movie.
“You want?” I said, offering her a single ear plug, taking it out of my ear.
“No… No… Its fine.” She said, blushing.
“Fine,” I said, giving a smile.
Again, no one talked for quite a sometime. I kept myself busy with the movie. I saw When Harry Met Sally for the first time and I never knew that Hum-Tum was a taken from it. How dumb of me, I thought. But yeah, the movie was well suited to the situation I was in.
After sometime, along with sound of the movie I somehow felt someone saying, excuse-me. I guessed, it would be the same girl. I steered me eyes towards her with utmost care, slowly and steadily. My guess was right. It was she. Instead of replying and showing gratitude, I decided to show some attitude. I didn’t bother and kept watching the movie till I saw the air-hostess coming with the trolley. I removed the earplugs and closed the laptop. Finally, I looked at her and gave a smile. She smiled back but didn’t say anything.
The airhostess reached us and asked for something to eat. I ordered a chicken sandwich and a juice. She gave a stern look when I spoke the word chicken. A typical vegetarian, I thought. She didn’t order anything. I finished but still had a thought running in my mind. Why did she call me that time? Did she want to watch the movie? Did she want to talk anything else? I had no clue and just cursed myself for it.

to be continued...

PS: written a story after a long long time.


Manjari Singh said...

hmm, what to comment?

authentic_since1983 said...

even I'm thinking the same..

Sach! said...

If it's a tru story, you need to be reminded YOU'RE SO DUMB! we deserve attention...

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