Monday, May 2, 2011

Main Kahaan hu ????

Surjeet Singh was born and brought up in Seeto, a small town on the edge of Punjab, adjoining the borders of Pakistan , Haryana and Rajasthan. I would say it is the town where Punjab ends and therefore this town suffers a lot as far as growth is concerned despite of its fertile land and high per capita income.

Anyway, coming back to Surjeet, He had never visited any city in his life and was still very innocent. The biggest city he knew was Bhatinda, which I don't think can be considered as a city at all. That time, Surjeet had to travel to Chandigarh for some important work, alone. He hired a cab and left.

On the way, he came to know that the driver was a Muslim, named Hassan. Surjeet had never ever met any Muslim in his life so he was excited but at the same time a bit afraid. After the partition of Punjab in 1947, Punjabis are a bit skeptic about Muslims.

The first thought that came to Surjeet’s mind was Pakistan. He was afraid that what if that Muslim kidnaps and takes him to Pakistan. On the way, he tried to verify if he was on the right way but he couldn't, since he had never travelled much. His restlessness was increasing due to those dire thoughts but he didn’t want the driver to observe his fear. Terrified, he somehow managed to sleep.

After a few hours, he woke up and observed that he was in a city. He looked around and noticed something after which he was absolutely stunned. His fear came out to be true. He was in Pakistan. He didn't know what to do, so he held the driver from his neck and asked him to stop to stop the car.

Even the driver was stunned that what happened to this guy. When driver asked him, Surjeet pointed towards the people standing on the traffic signal. This is what he had actually noticed:

All the girls had covered their faces with some sort of clothes, nothing less than a burka. Their hands were covered with gloves and they had worn some kind of an overcoat (generally a men's shirt) over their dress. They had literally covered their whole body- every single inch. :)

The driver then laughed and said, "Welcome to Chandigarh sir. This is how the girls dress up in summers here."