Thursday, July 10, 2008

love u for ever : another true story

I tried to open my eyes. I’d never felt it so tough to open them. I applied all the force and the will power I had to pick my eyelids up and somehow managed to open. The view was very blurred that I couldn’t see anything properly. Slowly-slowly it became more lucid. I was shocked to see the view. I was lying on a hospital bed. How could I be in a hospital? All I remembered was that I had left for Delhi and was going in my car.

And this hospital was so dirty. I had never been at such a dirty place ever in my life especially since last decade. Yeah, I was born in a very well to do family but since last 10 years I had multiplied my business certain folds. I was married now and had a couple of kids. But no one was here among my family members. I was really perplexed. There was no nurse either. I tried to get up but my body was numb. I couldn’t move.
“Anybody there?” I shouted. In fact I tried to shout.

Listening to it the nurse came in running. She told me that I was in Panipat and brought here around 8 hours ago. I had a road accident and my cell phone was broken so they didn’t contact anyone. I gave her my wife’s contact number and they informed her. Nurse told that her duty is over and a new nurse would come now.

The door opened. The new nurse came in. She was an old and thin lady evidently suffering from malnutrition, having prominent teeth, an ugly looking face with dark circles covering nearly half of it. Her eyes were deep and clearly depicted lack of sleep. Green colored suit she wore clearly looked as if she had altered a bigger one to fit her. I looked closely at her; she seemed to be someone known. I kept looking at her face and don’t know why even she was looking at my face the same way I did. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened in delight. She raised her hand, pointing her index finger towards me and said, “Abhi… Is that you?”
Now I recognized. It was Mary. I was stunned and started reminiscing.


“Ruby aunty… Ruby aunty… Where are you?” I shouted, entering Ruby aunty’s home. Ruby aunty, our neighbor was an old lady around 60. I was very close to her and shared everything with her. Financially she was not as good as us but she was respected a lot by my parents. She was the most educated lady in the whole colony and was the only one who was very good in spoken English. I never used to ring the bell while entering but just used to shout her name and she used to come running. But this time she was no where. I went to see her in kitchen. Some one was there but couldn’t make out as I could only see her back, but it wasn’t ruby aunty.
“Hey! Who are you?” I hissed.

She looked back. She was extremely beautiful: fair complexion, big eyes and bubbly cheeks. She was wearing a light green colored salwar kameez which looked extremely good on her. Over all it was a beautiful face over a beautiful body.
“Rather I should ask you this. Who the hell are you?” She replied.
“Shut up ok. You are a hell not me.” I had to say it. But I really cursed my self as how could I call her a hell, “And what are you doing at Ruby aunty’s home?”

We were still arguing when ruby aunty came who told me that she was Maria, her niece who’d came from Kanpur and had to stay with her for around 15 days.
“How’s this possible Ruby aunty?” I said.
“Possible what?”
“i mean how can she be ur niece? She’s so beautiful and you are so ugly.” I commented. I really used to tease her over everything. We were more like friends. Bu this time this comment was a complement for someone and she was blushing.
“Yeah… but she doesn’t stay with me no, You come to my home everyday that’s why you are ugly.”
“Who says I’m ugly. I’m very charming. Just ask her.” I said pointing towards her.
“What do I know?” She said, blushing with her eyes down.

Ruby aunty went to kitchen for coffee. We sat there and talked. I really felt something for her. Everything was so good about her. I wished if this chat could continue forever. We had coffee and I went to shop but she was still in my mind. I could feel the tantalizing aroma of her body everywhere. That day I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I went home early as I wanted to go to Ruby aunty’s home again.

When I reached home, I was surprised to see something. She was sitting there, talking to my mom and bhabhi. Then bhabhi introduced her to me. We both did our second intro as if we were really meeting for the first time. There were smiles on faces of both. We again started talking like we did in the morning. She was a real chatterbox and was a fun to be with.

The days went on. We became quite close to each other and surely developed a liking for each other but no one admitted yet. She was very close to my bhabhi and my mom too. My bhabhi used to tease me using her name every now and then and asked me if I liked her for marriage and I always denied but blushed. I was not sure but I could smell something of that sort going on in my parent’s mind.

It was the marriage of my bhabhi’s brother the very next day. All went there except me because someone was needed to be at the shop. Since my childhood whenever I was alone at home I used to have my meals at Ruby aunty’s place. This time too, I came from shop and went to her home. It was Mary who cooked for me that night. After dinner we went to the terrace. Clouds were playing games with the moon, sometime covering it and sometimes going away from it, letting it to shower its sensational light on us. Her face used to glow whenever clouds were away from the moon. She was looking into my eyes keenly as if she was waiting to hear something from me. I knew what she wanted to hear but I never had said it to any girl ever in my life. I collected all my courage to tell her how much I loved. I took her hand in my hand and left. We talked about everything but love. Finally we came back, both upset.

Next day I was not feeling well and came back from shop early. I just lied down and slept. I heard the door bell and she was there. She was shocked to find me in such a position. I had fever around 103 degrees. Even ruby aunty came and gave me medicine. Actually even she was not well and gave me that medicine which she had bought for her.
“Ok… Abhi, I shall leave now as even I’m not feeling well. You tell her if you need anything” Ruby aunty said.
“Ok aunty.” I replied and was happy that ruby aunty didn’t ask Mary to came along. I kept my head on mary’s lap and slept.

I was still in the same position when I woke up: in her lap and she moving her fingers through my hair. I looked at her eyes. There was an enormous amount of love and passion in them. I brought her face closer to me and gave a gentle kiss on her lips. She looked in my eyes and smiled.
“I love you a lot Mary.” I don’t know how I got this courage. It might have been the situation or the affection that she had for me. What ever it was, all I know is that I proposed her.
“I love you too” she replied and it was she who kissed me this time. Our gentle kiss now grew more passionate. Our tongues were rolling through each other’s mouth. We were deeply in love. We made love the whole night. It is always a divine feeling to have it with some one you love the most. We were glad that we lost our virginity to each other.

Next morning was special for us. Our love had reached a landmark. We were happy to wake up in each other’s arms, nude. Her sleepy face was looking so pious. The fever I had was completely disappeared.

Suddenly there was a doorbell. It was Ruby aunty. She immediately perceived what happened last night. She scolded us but then agreed that we loved each other and blessed us. She knew that we were best suited for each others. In the afternoon, all came back from marriage. I told my bhabhi about my proposal and the night. She told my mom and they asked my dad about marriage but all were already aware of the girl and agreed immediately. We all were very happy about it. That night Ruby aunty and Mary came to our home for dinner. My mom gave her a gold chain as a kind of shagun. She refused but took it when Ruby aunty asked her.

Next day Mary’s father came to take her. My mom and brother went to meet him to talk about the marriage. We all were shocked when he declined the proposal. He said they were very rigid about the religion and didn’t want to go against it. We insisted him a lot but he wouldn’t listen. Even Ruby aunty tried her best but there was no effect on him. Finally when my dad went to talk to him, he got irritated and abused my dad. This was something intolerable for my family. Now even my family refused.

It was all over. I never saw her again in my life. Even Ruby aunty expired a few days after that incident. I went into a trauma and didn’t recover till next few months. But life goes on.


Here I was, lying on the bed in front of the first love of my life. We both had tears in our eyes. But I was still shocked that how she became like that. How her face turned so ugly? I wanted to take her in my arms but wasn’t able to, as I was not able to move my body. Suddenly she went out and some other nurse came in. I was in that hospital for next couple of days but didn’t see her. Hospital management didn’t have any info about her as that was her first day as a temporary nurse. I searched her a lot but couldn’t find. I didn’t even tell my wife about that and in fact no one else. Still she’s in my heart and I still love her more than anyone else in this world. But the thing which troubles me the most is that she's in a miserable condition.


This story was told by one of my friends. Location, names, situation; all are imaginary but the theme is true just like my previous story... please read it and do comment..


meenu said...

nice one!
but not as thrilling as the infy one. but narration was good, though the story was smooth..
good luck and keep writing.

Matangi Mawley said...

good narration.. i like the way u'r ended it..

infy one is still my favorite, though!

nitu said...

nice one

Nehal said...

Sooooo nice n as touching as ur last blog..

Rajesh said...

lovely narration dude...u rock.. Im hooked on 2 ur write-up

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RAKESH said...


the story is awesome.may be it would have been a bit better if it would have been a good ending say. he helped her financially. he searched for and found her one day after a search of a month...some thing like...anyways CHETAN BHAGAT has some similarities with ur style of writing... :)

sonia said...

both r too good man........
very touching..
nice narration will definitely wait for ur novel....

jude said...

good one!keep up the good work!

chinki said...

lovely one...
hope all love stories have happy ending but i m afraid its not like tht...