Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weird to the core

It was the night before my JEE 101 certification(Infy's internal java certification). I was discussing about fundas of java and C++ with my roomie, who happens to be a C++ developer. In fact I'm the only java guy among all my flat mates.

Then, that night I planned to go to a pub with all my flatmates. While entering the the pub, the bouncer asked us about our address. They all told the address since they were C++ programmers and I being a java developer didn't know my address. I was very upset since the bouncer wasn't allowing me to enter. Then my roomie, Sunny wrote a code in C and then we used native method call to find the address of a java object ie. me.
Finally we entered. We drank a lot and had a lot of fun. Then one of my flatmates puked and turn by turn everyone puked and they scattered the garbage all around but what ever was I scattering was getting disappeared. I was happy because I was a java object and had automatic garbage collection.


That's the weirdest dream i've ever seen. I guess it was due to over dose of studying and technical discussions. But yeah, I cleared my certification.. ;)