Thursday, October 21, 2010

Girls Are Stupid !!! (Part-4)

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“Why did you laugh?” She asked with a bit of anger, genuinely offended.
“Nothing… Nothing… Actually my roomie works with Infosys.” I said. I didn’t want to tell her that I was an Infoscion. And thank god we don’t have Infosys logo on finacle bags.
“Which Centre?”
“Centre? You mean IBU or DC?”
“I mean which place? By the way, I don’t know what is DC or IPU.” 
“Oh. You are a new joinee?”
“No no… I’ve 2 months of experience.”
“Don’t tell me you don’t know what’s a DC or IBU… And yeah it is IBU not IPU, OK?”
“Hmmm. But what is it?” 
“DC means development center and IBU means Industry Business Unit.” I replied with frustration oozing out.

“Ohhhh. I never knew it,” she said, giving an idiotic smile. 
“But how’s that possible? I mean you must know your own unit, right?”
“Actually, I’m under training.”
“Oh…” I laughed. So, she considers training as experience- cool.
“What?” she asked inquisitively, showing her hands.
“You are not experienced ma’am.” I replied, still not able to stop laughing, “Your experience starts the day you join production… You must be in Mysore, right?”
“Haan… but tell me one thing, how do you know so much about my company?” she asked suspiciously. This time she caught me but I thought about it again, it was not tough to prank with her.
“I told you, right? My friend works with Infosys.”
“Oh. That’s what we were discussing na. You totally diverted the talk.”
“Me?” I asked.
“Yeah, who else?” she said, as it was the most obvious thing of the world.
“Fine.” I said in submission and she looked delighted on such an idiotic feat.
“Hey, you didn’t tell me. Your friend is in which center?”
“It’s not center, yaar.” I said, irritated.
“Chal whatever… You understood na?” she asked. 
“Hmmm… he’s in Bangalore.”
“Oh.” She said, disappointed.
“What happened?”
“Nothing… I thought he was in Mysore.”
“He was trained in Mysore only, but later he was posted to Bangalore.”
“I see. He was from which stream?”
“Java.” I said so because I did my training in Java.
“Oh wow! I also got java stream.”
“You want his phone number?” I asked.
“No no…” she blushed taking her eyes down into the ground.
“But you are talking as if you were really very interested.” I laughed.
“Aiwe ee… Actually no use.” she said, laughing.
“No use… why?” 
“He is in Bangalore na.” she said, making a sad face.
“So?” I asked, perplexed.
“Oho budhu… if he’d have been in Mysore, he’d have taught me na.” she said, very confidently.
“And how are you so confident that he would have taught you?” I asked inquisitively.

“Arey main cheez hi aisi hu…” she said, holding the collar of her top. I’m not sure what she’d have held if she was wearing a top without a collar. But the confidence, it was as if she was a master in this art. It surprised me once again. I reconsidered my thought that she was a stupid. She was not at all what I thought she was.
“Hmmm. Jo bhi hai mast mast cheez hai.” I whispered, laughing in my mind.
“Nothing… Nothing at all.” I replied.
“You said something.”
“I said you are really smart.”
“wo to main hu…” she winked.

In the meanwhile, that air-hostess arrived again, but with a steward this time. I wonder whether these stewards also acted as eye-tonics for girls as those hostesses are for guys. God knows or these girls know. While I was drowned into my thoughts, I didn’t realize that my eyes were fixed on that hostess. 
“Another chicken sandwich, Sir?” she asked, waving her hand, with what I think was an embarrassed smile probably because of my ha-ha-main-tujhe-kha-jaunga stare. I think even she knew me quite well, like everyone else on board. Thanks to the impression created by Shivali.

I was still deciding whether to buy it or not when shivali gave me a fierce stare and said, “Now don’t dare eat that chicken sandwich in front of me.” It was not a normal request. In fact, it was not a request at all. It was an order, an authoritative one. I shook my head again, smiling.

to be continued..........
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